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Leah's Bella Vita Salon in Deep River, CT is a full service hair salon offering hair cuts, hair styling, hair color treatments from Goldwell and other professional hair care services. We carry Goldwell, KMS California and Moroccanoil haircare products. We offer a host of professional quality hair products and hair services for men, women and kids.
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Oct 14 The Seasons are Changing… and so is your Hair!

As the seasons pass, your hair is susceptible to some serious challenges throughout the year. The humid days of summer are gone, and with winter upon us, we need to modify our hair care regimen to make sure our hair is adequately moisturized. When the heat turns on, dryness ensues. With static electricity, dry frizz and split ends, a bad hair day can seem to last an entire season. Some experts compare the damages of indoor heating to an entire afternoon spent under a hair dryer! The damage may not be as dramatic, but it certainly gives you an idea of...

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